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Oracle Database 10g Identifying Required Software Directories for Solaris SPARC 64-Bit)

Identifying Required Software Directories

You must identify or create the following directories for the Oracle software:

Oracle Base Directory
Oracle Inventory Directory
Oracle Home Directory

To create the Oracle base directory and specify the correct owner, group, and permissions for it:
Enter commands similar to the following to create the recommended subdirectories in the mount point directory that you identified and set the appropriate owner, group, and permissions on them:

# mkdir -p /mount_point/app/oracle_sw_owner
# chown -R oracle:oinstall /mount_point/app/oracle_sw_owner
# chmod -R 775 /mount_point/app/oracle_sw_owner

For example, if the mount point you identify is /u01 and oracle is the user name of the Oracle software owner, then the recommended Oracle base directory path is as follows:/u01/app/oracle

Database file directory:

# mkdir /mount_point/oradata
# chown oracle:oinstall /mount_point/oradata
# chmod 775 /mount_point/oradata

Recovery file directory (flash recovery area):# mkdir /mount_point/flash_recovery_area

# chown oracle:oinstall /mount_point/flash_recovery_area
# chmod 775 /mount_point/flash_recovery_area

Identifying existing Oracle home directories
Enter the following command to view the contents of the oratab file:#

# more /var/opt/oracle/oratab

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