jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

RMAN on Windows

Another way to check the service name command is to use the SC command. Here is how
you can check the database service:

C:\>sc query OracleServiceMOBDB11

If the service is set to Manual, then you must start it. To start it, you can right-click the name of the service and click Start. Alternatively, you can execute the following command from the command prompt:

C:> net start OracleServiceMOBDB11

creating an Oracle service to starting/stopping and even removing the services.
Here is how you can start the Oracle service using this tool:

C:\> oradim -startup -sid MOBDB11 -starttype srvc,inst

You can also use the following command to see the users in the ORA_DBA group:

c:\work\orascripts>net localgroup ora_dba

Alias name ora_dba
Comment Oracle DBA Group
The command completed successfully.

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